Build your profile

Set up a Swishd Wallet and Verify your account.

How to set up your Swishd Wallet?

  • Swishd Wallet is the place where the earnings for your deliveries are safely stored. When a Sender pays you for delivery, the money appears as pending in a deliverers Wallet until the item is delivered. As soon as the Receiver and Sender confirm everything is OK with the item after delivery, the payment becomes available to the deliverer.

Verify : iOS/Android

How to verify my account with Facebook/Linkedin?

  • Link your Email and/or Facebook account with Swishd to become a verified member. Being verified boosts sending/delivery requests and motivates Swishs community, Verifications are visible for other members in your profile.

Verified info:

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Email
  • Mobile


  • Click My Profile
  • Click on your profile tab
  • Choose “Update profile”
  • Simply click “link” buttons on each icon
  • Upload a photo to gain more trust

Good to know:

  • We do not post anything on your Google or Facebook account.
  • We might ask you to verify your account at any time while using Swishd.

Wait for deliverers…

  • Be ready to accept the match for your item needing delivery.
  • View their profile including stats on their delivery performance
  • You will be notified about the deliverer once you confirm. You can chat with your chosen deliverer through the app to answer any questions.

Swish it!

  • Once you select a deliverer, follow the instructions to arrange your payment
  • Payment confirmation
  • Provide the details of the recipient (name, email, mobile of the person receiving and where to deliver it to with any extra information (door-to-door, leave under the mat, etc.) We ask for this to avoid errors or delays during delivery.
  • Scan the item with the in-app scanner
  • As soon as the Sender clicks “everything is OK” a QR code with 8-digit number assigned to the package will be sent to everyone to keep track of your item.