How can I leave feedback?

Leaving feedback is important for senders and deliverers because it builds trust among members. When delivery is completed, you will be notified to rate and review the deliverer.


  • You’ll see the “Rate” button in your conversations when your delivery is complete.
  • Choose the number of stars you would like to give, add a comment and submit.
  • You can also send Swishd feedback by emailing us at

Good to know

  • You can leave feedback when the delivery is completed.
  • We suggest contacting the deliverer before leaving them a low star rating.
  • Deliverers will not be able to edit or remove ratings

Tips for the number of stars

  • 1-2 stars: unhappy with the delivery – for example cancellation, flaws to the agreed date/time, or loss or damage occurred.
  • 3 stars: neutral. Something may be improved.
  • 4-5 stars: very good/great experience/reliable