Build your profile

Set up a Swishd Wallet and Verify your account.

How to set up your Swishd Wallet?

  • Swishd Wallet is the place where the earnings for your deliveries are safely stored.
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How do I deliver?

Finding an item to deliver

It’s easy to find an item to deliver by clicking on the magnify glass icon.… Read more

Will the deliverer collect my item from me?

The Sending process is simple. Swishd will notify you when a deliverer has accepted your request and provide you with the next steps for confirming the job.Read more

Who pays for delivery?

On Swishd, the price of delivery is always covered by the Sender. The minimum cost is set at £8 and is added to your request when you confirm.Read more

Can I deliver internationally?

Swishd is currently available for UK delivery only. We’ll keep you updated if anything changes, but for now you’ll be able to easily send/deliver/swish anything from London to Scotland and back. Read more

Can I deliver anywhere in the UK?

We’re just getting started and have selected 7 major cities for the app to be tested: London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh and Glasgow.Read more

How can I leave feedback?

Leaving feedback is important for senders and deliverers because it builds trust among members. When delivery is completed, you will be notified to rate and review the deliverer.… Read more